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Celebration Tee 2024-God Uses the Ordinary

A "REMIX" of the 2017 Tee-Tywanza's Attributes
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***PRESALE Until JULY 3rd*** Shipping planned for July 19th

Celebrate the life and legacy of Tywanza with our exclusive 2024 Celebration Tee Shirt. This year's theme, "God Uses the Ordinary to do the Extraordinary," resonates deeply with the impactful life Tywanza lived, reminding us all that greatness often stems from humble beginnings. This tee is not only a symbol of unity for our Annual Birthday Celebration but also a statement piece that honors Tywanza's enduring spirit and attributes.

Our 2024 design is a heartfelt remix of the beloved 2017 edition, reimagined to blend timeless attributes of Tywanza with this year's theme.

By purchasing the 2024 Celebration Tee Shirt, you are not only joining a community of individuals dedicated to commemorating Tywanza's life but also directly supporting our ongoing programs. Every sale contributes to initiatives that continue our mission, making a positive impact in the lives of many. Wear it with pride and purpose, knowing that your support helps turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, just as Tywanza did.

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