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Photo Contest Rules, Terms and Conditions

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1. Terms of Use: Parent or legal guardian must submit the contestant's photo(s). By submitting a photo, parent or legal guardian grants The Tywanza Sanders® Legacy Foundation and Bourgie Babies staff the right to publish submitted photo(s), child's name, city, and any captions submitted on our websites, any or all of our social media sites, marketing materials. Slight photo alterations may be made by our staff in order to fit properly on our site or email newsletters. There is no registration fee.

2. Contestants must be residents of the United States of America or US Citizens and must be payable in US dollars. Please ensure your information is completed accurately. The Tywanza Sanders® Legacy Foundation accepts photos of children 0 – 35 months old, and will not be responsible for photos being submitted due to inaccurate information submitted by the entrant.

3. Our contests runs January 10, 2018 through midnight Feb 10, 2018.  All photos entered by February 3 at 11:59:59 EST become entrants to the contest. Only the first 25 entries will be featured on any or all of our social media sites and/or our affiliate's social media sites starting Jan 15. All entrants received by the entry deadline will be featured on the Tywanza Sanders® Legacy Foundation website. Our contest rules are intended to offer fair contests; all submitted photos have an equal opportunity of winning.

4. The winner of this contest is determined solely by voting. Votes are counted in US dollar amounts donated to a contestant’s image. Photos are judged with no discrimination towards gender, race, or age. All decisions are final. 

5. Votes (donations) are accepted only by Paypal and Cash App (Square Cash). In order for the contestant to get the proper credit, the payments must be noted with the contestant number.

6. Photos containing nudity or children depicted in a derogatory or a dangerous position will not be accepted. The Tywanza Sanders® Legacy Foundation staff reserves the right to refuse any photograph which they deem unacceptable.

7. A one-time award of $1,000 will be given to the contestant whose photo receives the most votes via donations. Honorable Mentions will get recognition at the end of the contest. Honorable mentions are determined by photos that get the most “likes” via our social media sites

8. If a professional photo is submitted, The Tywanza Sanders® Legacy Foundation will not be held responsible for securing usage rights from the photographer. It is highly recommended that the parent or guardian receive rights to use the photo prior to contest submission or use personal photos.

9. We will announce the winner approximately seven (7) days after the contest ends. Winners are announced on our web site, social media sites, and affiliate social media sites. Winners will receive notification via email. Upon verification of winner and executed documents, prizes will be distributed within 60 days.

10. Our contests are void where prohibited by law. The contestants assume the total responsibility of knowing their local laws in regarding photo contests and are subject to any local, state, national, or international laws. The Tywanza Sanders® Legacy Foundation accepts no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations.


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